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Whole sale real estate leads 4 you – www.wholesalerealestateleads4you.com

Now Is The Ideal Time To Be Virtual Wholesaling!

Qualified and motivated seller leads that close so that you aren’t wasting your time with tire kickers and unqualified leads and opportunities! Results driven virtual wholesale real estate lead generation trusted by top industry performers. Training, Mentorship and Done For You programs available to select individuals.

Who Our Services Are Ideal For

  • Individuals who are interested in virtual wholesaling yet aren’t entirely sure of how to get leads or get deals and close them and are looking for some structure and instruction on how to do so.
  • Wholesalers who are doing some deals and have a general idea as to how to close and market yet want some mentorship to develop better leads through social media while expanding into virtual wholesaling.
  • Seasoned wholesalers who are doing 5+ deals a month that have systems in place, know how to close, market and are closing deals and want more QUALITY LEADS in order to scale their business.

Get Leads For Life With No Ad Spend…….

Driving traffic to your website/blog can be expensive…….especially when you are in a competitive niche like real estate. We use proven systems that even the least tech savvy individual can understand and use in order to generate unlimited leads from Facebook groups.

Today’s marketing is changing.

We see it everywhere we look. Running ads and cold calling is outdated, expensive and often inefficient. We use the power of social media to maximize your exposure and generate quality, qualified leads that are ready to buy or sell within months if not immediately.

Stop spinning your wheels and work with a proven company and system that has helped generate millions in real estate deals.

Our Greatest Success Is Your Success

Read what other virtual wholesalers have had to say about using our system.

  • Comprehensive virtual wholesaling course that teaches you lead generation through social media.
  • Mentor Me programs available providing full mentorship on how to find, qualify and close virtual wholesale deals using social media and other sources.**
  • Done for You programs available for individuals that prefer to concentrate solely on wholesaling while leaving the property lead generation to someone else.**
  • Access to proven and high converting funnels, scripts and emails.
  • Access to tools such as scripts, bots and group recruiting interviews that will make your virtual wholesaling business 10x more efficient and easier.
  • Mentorship groups, one on one coaching with experts, weekly Q & A calls, sales training and more.

**Subject to availability

Is Lead Generation Holding You Back?

Let the experts help……….We’ve helped a significant number of individuals generate millions of dollars in real estate deals, all using our unique and innovative methodology and processes. If you are serious about virtual wholesaling and have struggled to find motivated sellers book a no obligation appointment with one of our virtual wholesaling experts to find out how we might be able to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Wholesaling is the ability to find, promote and execute the contracting of off market properties in any market within the continental US.

Change the answer to “How much does this cost?” to what is written below.
We have the ability to work with investors on a number of different levels, ranging from
turn key solutions to action oriented educational lead facilitation. The costs depends on
the program, with the minimum investment being 2 thousand dollars. We typically only work with serious individuals who are dedicated to expanding their business.

It varies and we need to know more about you and your situation before offering you a solution. Until we have a quick 15 minute phone call to find out if we are a fit for one another and what your situation is it’s impossible to discuss specifics.

The best way to find out is to book a quick 15 minute call with us to find out whether or not we would be a good fit to work together.

We only work with people that we genuinely feel that we can help, have a good attitude and who we feel are a good fit for our team to work with.

We generate leads using social media and a bunch of other proprietary methods that we developed in house specifically for our clients. Our methods typically involve no ad spend and use custom campaigns
Our systems and methodology work within all markets.

It varies depending  on your program but our company does actually GUARANTEE you sales and leads.  We are a results based business – if we don’t provide you results you will get refunded.

After you apply and book a call, our marketing experts will review your application to see if you’re a good fit to work with us. If accepted, we can often begin working with you within days.

We produce results!

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

Our clients are industry leaders looking for innovative and proven strategies of lead generation and virtual wholesaling in order to take their business to the next level.

Millions of $$ in Property Sales

We’ve generated thousands of leads resulting in millions of dollars in deals for our clients.

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